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Okezie N. Okezie, MD, FAAPMR 

Pain Management Specialist serving the Greater Houston Area 
Including Humble and Baytown, TX 

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About Interventional Sports and Pain Management Associates

Interventional Sports and Pain Management Associates provides comprehensive, integrative pain management services for adults in and around Humble and Baytown, Texas. The skilled pain management team takes a compassionate approach to care and works together to identify each patient's unique needs.

The pain management specialists offer a wide range of nonsurgical pain relief solutions to improve quality of life and restore function in the joints and spine. Available pain solutions include nerve blocks, image-guided joint injections, and spinal cord stimulation.

Pain relief procedures are available for chronic pain that results from trauma, sports, personal injury, and auto-related injury. The pain experts can also treat spine injuries like a herniated disc and chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis

The team customizes individual treatment plans to manage chronic back, neck, and joint pain effectively. They also focus on reducing risk factors for additional health complications, including disability. 

If you can’t manage persistent pain on your own, schedule a diagnostic evaluation at the Interventional Sports and Pain Management Associates office near you or book an appointment online today.

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